Education & Training

Every UC campus provides education and training to help everyone in the campus community better understand sexual violence and how to prevent it.

Starting July 2015, UC will begin implementing a standardized and comprehensive systemwide sexual violence prevention and intervention training and education plan for all members of the UC community — students, staff and faculty. The systemwide program will be specifically tailored to each audience, and be implemented in phases starting with all incoming students.

Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Students: All incoming students are required to take the education and training program at their campus within the first six weeks of class. All continuing students are required to take ongoing education and training annually.

Faculty and Supervisors: Faculty and Supervisors are legally required to complete two hours of sexual harassment prevention training every two years, and new faculty and supervisors are required to take training within 90 days of hire. Starting January 2016, a systemwide faculty/supervisor training and education program was implemented that revised the content in the sexual harassment prevention training so that it meets UC’s systemwide curriculum. It also includes additional training for those who work directly with students such as faculty student advisors. Faculty and supervisors also receive training on their legal obligations to report sexual violence. In addition, faculty and supervisors will receive other violence prevention training on an annual basis reminding them of their obligation and processes for notifying Title IX offices about sexual violence and sexual harassment.

Staff and academic appointees who are not supervisors: Staff who are not supervisors will also be required to complete sexual harassment and sexual violence prevention training. UC’s systemwide staff training and education program requires new employees to receive training within the first six weeks of hire. All staff will receive training annually. The new training will include information on their responsibility to report sexual violence and sexual harassment if the incident involves a student.

Options to complete this training:

  1. Online Sexual Harassment training for supervisors and faculty is at
  2. "Life Theatre" is an Emmy-winning, 2-hour sexual harassment training event.  Life Theatre actors play out realistic sexual harassment scenarios in the workplace. The audience interacts with the characters, identifies and analyzes sexual harassment scenarios, and reviews appropriate responses and potential remedial actions.  Life Theatre comes to UCSF every Fall.  Supervisors and faculty can sign up at

See the Frequently Asked Questions regarding education and training for faculty, staff and students.

Sexual Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Training

VAWA training is available online to faculty, staff and students at VAWA training is also included in Life Theatre’s two-hour sexual harassment training. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to sign up for Life Theatre at

For those without access to the learning center, the training can be reviewed here: